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Storm or flood damage

Before you commit to buying a static caravan it pays to check out the history of the site. Ask the owner if the site has ever flooded or if it is susceptible to storm damage. You will need this information for your insurance as the insurance provider will ask in the quotation process. More important you will want to know for your own peace of mind. You don't want to be worried about your life savings floating down the river or blown away every time the weather forecasters predict a storm.

In Scotland, Northern Ireland and England and Wales it is easy to check out if a site floods. All you need is the postcode and a web browser.

For a Scottish site go to the SEPA flood map here: SEPA flood
You can read some of the advice and information on that page, scroll to the bottom and click "Flood Map". On the next page you can enter the postcode of your site and you will be able to view a map. You will need to zoom in to see if your site is at danger from flooding from a river or the sea.

In England and Wales go to the Environment Agency website here: Environment Agency Click on flood and you will see a panel on the next page where you can enter the postcode or place name of the site. Again you can zoom in to see if your site is in an area at danger from flooding.

The Northern Ireland strategic flood map is more difficult to use as it does not have a search facility and you will need to zoom in and pan around to try to locate your site.

Sometimes it is difficult to be sure exactly where your site is on the map. In this case it is sometimes possible to use the OS map and aerial photograph features at Multimap or satellite photography feature of Google maps to get a more accurate estimate of where the caravan is in relation to flood areas.

Some insurers have databases of sites that they are able or not able to quote on. On some site such as our own this is the first thing that is checked out. Postcode check

Once you know the risks of flooding or storm damage the decision on whether to buy or not is up to you. Don't forget that you will need to find an insurer willing to insure the caravan on your chosen site. is a micro site about static caravan insurance from:
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